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Smartphone Comparison: Apple, Android, BlackBerry

Maximum PC’s November 2010 review of the Apple, Android, and BlackBerry operating systems has illustrated each phone’s special features. Noting that much of the architecture of these phones are similar, Maximum PC wanted to compare software user interface and operating systems. So, it was Apple’s iOS, Android’s Froyo 2.2, and RIM’s BlackBerry 6 pitted against each other.

Maximum PC compared ease of use, application and developer support, email and message, flexibility and customization, media storage and playback, and security.

Not surprisingly, all three phones showed their efficiency and power in one way or another.

The Android and Apple iOS tied in the ease of use field. Apple showing its iOS as the simplest and most straightforward and Android just as usable.

Again, in the application and developer support field, Android and Apple tied. Apple’s App Store has three times the apps available but Android will quickly close the gap.

Email and messaging went to BlackBerry. Though both Android and Apple have their pluses, Maximum PC notes that BlackBerry’s “encryption and physical keyboard make RIM’s platform a must-have if messaging.” Give Android the nod when it comes to flexibility and customization. HTC’s “Sense” modification of the Android environment allows the best OS flexibility. Android allows the best customization of “desktop, widgets, keyboard, applications, and even stock apps . . .”

All three looked good in the media storage and playback category. A slight nod went to Android that “allows for easy syncing a playback via Windows Media Player” and allows easy drag and drop of MP3 files. All three phones perform so well that Maximum PC notes it may be the “death knell” for stand-alone MP3 players.

Give a decided nod to BlackBerry’s encryption system, which wins the security category.

In general, Android wins Maximum PC’s comparison but just by a nose.

Now enter Windows Phone 7 into the race and let the upgrades and improvements continue for all phones. AT T;, Dell, and T-Mobile are initially offering the Windows Phone 7. Early reviews have been positive for Phone 7 with many people noting the screen’s ease of use by employing a tiling technique for access to applications.


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Easiest Way To Crack A Facebook Password


Facebook Hack: Easiest Way To Crack The Password

Now technology is developed and also provides so many sources to the people around the world for interaction and much more activities. You know what; social networking sites are one of the big parts of the developed technology and also the best way for interacting with other people. Facebook is an app which allows the users to interact with anyone around the world. It is really a perfect platform to share your views as well as the awesome moments of your life. When it comes to the matter of hacking Facebook accounts, Facebook hack tool plays an important role. Facebook users can easily get access to each other’s account with the help of such hack tool. You just need to go to their official site and providing them required instructions for hacking any account.


About Facebook hack

While everyone hears about such type of hacking tool but when we talk about those who have proper knowledge then the list becomes shorter. Only a few people are here who know about the hacking tool in a proper way. This right here is the best method on the market on how to hack Facebook account. The main thing is that it is safe for the device and such point always grabs the attention of people because everyone wants their device safe. When you use Facebook hack tool then you are also not forced to root or jailbreak the device which can create lots of issues in the device. In fact, by this, you are unable to access the android or IOS device in a perfect way. Apart from this; a user also doesn’t need to pay money in order to access such type of hack tools because these online tools are absolutely free and you can freely use this whenever you need to hack password.


Benefits of using Facebook hack

If we talk about the benefits of using Facebook hack then we can see a lot of things which are also the reason of a wide use of this type of hack tools. The first and foremost benefit is that with the help of this parents are able to checkout their children in a proper way because a Facebook account is the only way to get proper information without asking any question. When a parent doesn’t ask unnecessary questions to their children than it can create good bonding in them which is too precious and important too. This hacking tool is also the great option for couples because by this they are able to keep trust on each other and it also helps in getting proper information.
Moving further; with the help of hacking tool a person can easily keep an eye on his/her lovable one’s account because by this they can easily crack the password. While in the whole process of using such type of hack tool you are unable to get the proper password but it can give permission to access account as an owner. In nutshell; if a person wants to open a Facebook account without password then he/she just needs to take a help from these hacking tools.

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character Guide: Zero Suit Samus

Zero Suit Samus trades power and weight for speed and mobility. She has a supreme sense of athleticism that you don’t get from the other characters. She runs fast, jumps far, and feels very controllable. She also has surprisingly large range on a lot of her moves. On the other hand, she’s not very strong, so it can be difficult to finish off your opponents. She’s great against slowpokes or short range characters, but the speedier powerhouse characters can beat her down quickly if you aren’t careful.
Standard Attacks

Zero Suit Samus’s standard combo is a quick but weak three hit combo. It’s pretty average, so don’t use it too much. Her forward tilt is a quick kick that is similarly weak, but is a good spacing tool. Her down tilt is great for sending opponents up and into one of your many upward moves. You can do this with her slightly odd up tilt too, which is a pretty handy move that is great for hitting all around you.

Zero Suit Samus has a pretty nice running attack as well, but don’t expect to kill anyone with it. In fact, don’t expect to kill often with any of her standard ground attacks other than her forward smash and up smash. Even then, she’ll only kill at much higher percentages than the average character. The forward smash has a lot of range and decent power, and you can usually get a gauranteed hit with it if you score a hit with the down smash first. Zero Suit Samus’s down smash is a charged paralyzer shot which stuns the enemy for a certain amount of time, depending on how long you charge the move. Finally, her up smash is a pretty decent as well, and can score multiple hits.

Special Attacks

Zero Suit Samus’s special attacks mostly revolve around her weapon. Her side special is especially important because it is pretty much her one and only reliable killing move. It’s a sideways attack with huge range that scores multiple hits as it extends outwards. The knockout hit is at the tip of whip, a useful spot since you can score kills without getting too close. In the air, it can be used as a tether recovery.

Her up special is also a tether recovery in the air. You’ll want to use the up special most of the time and the side special if you are level with or slightly above the ledge. As an attack, the up special is a lot like the up smash in that it has multiple hits to rack up damage, but the cool part is that the topmost hit will pull your opponent back down to the ground, where you can follow up with more attacks.

Zero Suit Samus’s neutral special is like a ranged version of her down smash. She shoots a paralyzer shot horizontally, which increases in stun duration and range the longer you charge it. The problem is that it is slow and the range is pretty terrible, even if you charge it up, so it’s not really that useful in combat since it usually ends with you wasting time and getting punished. It can be used to cleverly gimp recoveries though, if you are good and get the right opportunity.

Finally, Zero Suit Samus has a very interesting and useful down special. It acts as an automated third jump that doubles as a dodge. If that sounds confusing, this is basically what happens: initiating this move will cause Samus to jump in an arc, and during the duration of the jump she cannot be hit, just like during a roll. You cannot maneuver her at all during the jump; it is preset. Furthermore, she flips during the jump, so she will land facing the opposite direction. To make things even better, pressing an attack button during the jump will make her do a pretty powerful kick that can come in very handy in the right moments. But that’s not all, she can still do a tether recovery after the flip jump, though this is a little less useful than it sounds. This is because the flip jump comes back down, so while you gain horizontal distance, you have to be quick with the tether recovery or you may not be high enough to make it. But with all these recovery options at her disposal (and excellent jumping to begin with), Zero Suit Samus doesn’t have much problems making it back to the stage.


Zero Suit Samus has a terrible grab. It’s extremely slow and even the animation is annoying. If you manage to actually grab anyone with it, you’ll probably prefer the down throw, since it can lead into other moves, like her up smash or up special. The other throws are all pretty average; that is to say, they aren’t very strong.

Aerial Attacks

Zero Suit Samus’s grab doesn’t function as an attack or a tether recovery in the air, seeing as how her side special does exactly those things already. Her neutral air attack is a plasma whip twirl that hits all around her but is pretty weak and useless. Her down aerial is her worst: it is an aerial drop that is really useless since it’s weak and easy to avoid. Not to mention that upward moment will stop the attack from dropping to the ground, causing you to awkwardly hover or even worse, slowly go down a slight distance.

On the other hand, Zero Suit Samus has a great back air. It’s quick and hard hitting, and can serve as one of your rare killing moves. Your up air will also occasionally kill off the top of the screen if you are fighting high up, and it’s just a pretty good attack overall. Finally, her forward special is a two hit kick that is decent, but won’t usually kill anyone.

Final Smash

Zero Suit Samus has a pretty unspectacular final smash. All it does is give you your suit, turning you back into normal Samus. The energy aura from your suit’s formation will damage anyone nearby, but it won’t kill nearly as effectively as most final smashes. And of course, you may not even want to turn into regular Samus…

And if, for some reason, you haven’t figured out how to start a match as Zero Suit Samus, you just select Samus and hold the shield button until you get to the map select screen. At that screen, your icon at the top left of the screen will have changed to Zero Suit Samus’s. You don’t need to hold the shield button after that.

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