Smartphone Comparison: Apple, Android, BlackBerry

Maximum PC’s November 2010 review of the Apple, Android, and BlackBerry operating systems has illustrated each phone’s special features. Noting that much of the architecture of these phones are similar, Maximum PC wanted to compare software user interface and operating systems. So, it was Apple’s iOS, Android’s Froyo 2.2, and RIM’s BlackBerry 6 pitted against each other.

Maximum PC compared ease of use, application and developer support, email and message, flexibility and customization, media storage and playback, and security.

Not surprisingly, all three phones showed their efficiency and power in one way or another.

The Android and Apple iOS tied in the ease of use field. Apple showing its iOS as the simplest and most straightforward and Android just as usable.

Again, in the application and developer support field, Android and Apple tied. Apple’s App Store has three times the apps available but Android will quickly close the gap.

Email and messaging went to BlackBerry. Though both Android and Apple have their pluses, Maximum PC notes that BlackBerry’s “encryption and physical keyboard make RIM’s platform a must-have if messaging.” Give Android the nod when it comes to flexibility and customization. HTC’s “Sense” modification of the Android environment allows the best OS flexibility. Android allows the best customization of “desktop, widgets, keyboard, applications, and even stock apps . . .”

All three looked good in the media storage and playback category. A slight nod went to Android that “allows for easy syncing a playback via Windows Media Player” and allows easy drag and drop of MP3 files. All three phones perform so well that Maximum PC notes it may be the “death knell” for stand-alone MP3 players.

Give a decided nod to BlackBerry’s encryption system, which wins the security category.

In general, Android wins Maximum PC’s comparison but just by a nose.

Now enter Windows Phone 7 into the race and let the upgrades and improvements continue for all phones. AT T;, Dell, and T-Mobile are initially offering the Windows Phone 7. Early reviews have been positive for Phone 7 with many people noting the screen’s ease of use by employing a tiling technique for access to applications.


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